While all Naim products must meet and exceed many measurable parameters we believe they should, above all, be capable of delivering the kind of musical performance that we ourselves would want to live with. This requires a special and unique approach to component selection and system design along with a highly specialised production environment.

From the remarkable NaimUniti and UnitiQute all-in-one audio players to reference products such as the CD555 compact disc player, NAC 552 preamplifier, NAP 500 power amplifier and the magnificent Ovator S-600 loudspeaker, the same skills and design expertise have been applied. The result is the acceptance of these products by music lovers worldwide as having no equals in their respective classes.

 The term NAIT doesn’t just describe a product range, it defines a philosophy; a way of thinking born with the original NAIT of 1983. It says you can keep your impressive specifications with inflated power outputs; we value simplicity and focus. It demands that we attend to every detail in design; it’s the only way we can give you the best possible sound. And it’s why all of our creations meet their final judgement in the listening room, not in the lab.

The NAIT 5si, NAIT XS 2 and SUPERNAIT 2 integrated amplifiers are the next evolution of this philosophy. They exist to serve one purpose: to bring you closer to music.

 NAIT 5si