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 Home Cinema

As part of its constant drive to innovate and provide the very best in sound quality, Focal is launching 5.1 packs Home Cinema, which meet the expectations of even the most demanding cinema lovers! high-quality sound for high-definition images

Visually appealing, compact and capable of being seamlessly installed in any decor, these customized packs provide a sound quality in keeping with the high-definition images of modern media, giving you an astonishingly powerful and high-quality sound experience in your own home. The packs are the product of Focal’s unique expertise in acoustics: each speaker has been meticulously designed and carefully tuned by our engineers.

The speakers in the Home Cinema range were developed using the same procedure as our most advanced speakers, with the sole purpose of ensuring they embody the Focal “Spirit of Sound”.

high-fidelity integrated systems

The Home Cinema range is based on research done by Focal, which led to the creation of favourites such as Sib, Dôme and our latest invention, Bird. All of these are genuine high-fidelity speakers. They are furthermore designed to be able to be installed in any home setup. Whether wall- or ceiling-mounted or placed on an item of furniture, they will perfectly blend into your interior design, thanks to their sleek design and modern finish.

The size and composition of these packs are all designed to reproduce the soundtracks to your favourite movies and are tailored precisely to your listening space, both in terms of dimensions and, needless to say, the desired volume.

3 subwoofers adapted to your desires

In addition to our various satellite speakers, we also offer three subwoofers from which to choose, based on personal requirements. First, the Cub3 is an example of a classic Focal subwoofer. Second, the Sub Air offers increased freedom and ease of use thanks
to its wireless connection. Finally, the Dôme subwoofer’s unique design and premium material and manufacturing add to its appeal.
The combination of these details means that Home Cinema packs from Focal guarantee faithful reproduction of the "Spirit Of Sound" for the enjoyment of cinema and music at home.



Bird 5.1

Sib & Co


Central loudspeakers

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Multimedia & Wireless

Compact, easy to live with and use, accessible and - most of all - innovative!

New experiences will open up to you when you play your audio files, compressed or not, but also web radio and even video games on an iPhone or iPad, all made life size with a Bird system.

Compact but high-performance

Bird is one of the very first systems offering compatibility with a range of wireless audio transmission technologies meaning that you can freely move around surrounded by music, with your music in your pocket. The Bird system is a bold statement of compact and designer quality Hifi, as it is very easy to install and user-friendly, and can produce totally stunning sound in rooms of 40m2 and more.

Focal XS Book is the ultimate computer 2.0 system, a true mini-monitor equipped with Focal speaker technologies and able to reveal the richness and dynamics of your multimedia audio contents. XS Book can also become an active solution around a flat panel, or bring quality sound into a small room once connected to a music player. Focal XS 2.1 are High end Multimedia solution with integrated USB soundcard. They provide a precise and dynamic sound, derived from the famous pro monitor Solo6.

Wireless systems

Mad about playback quality?

Is your music stored on a computer, an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod? It's as easy as plugging in a transmitter: USB for computers, iTransmitter on Apple music players*. It immediately connects wirelessly with the Power Bird and Kleer audio transmission starts with no audio compression and performance truly comparable with a wired connection from a CD player.

Universal Wireless Receiver - aptX

Wirelessly connect to any compatible bluetooth source by adding the wireless aptX technology receiver to your Power Bird, your XS Book or your amplifier. With this technology there is no need to add any kind of transmitter to the portable source, giving your portable music source more freedom with no reduction in your tunes' playback quality. The aptX codec applies 1.4 compression with an audio feel close to CD quality.

Your music and the Apple universe are one and the same?

Connect an Apple Airport Express to the Power Bird digital input port and enjoy your entire iTunes music library over Airplay. It's the simplicity of the world of Apple joined with Bird systems' high definition music reproduction.

* Except models without the Apple multi connector



Bird 2.1

Focal XS 2.1

Focal XS Book